What is Berberine, and Why is it Trending on TikTok?

What is Berberine, and Why is it Trending on TikTok?

Berberine is trending among TikTok users and influencers as a weight-loss supplement -comparing it to a common medication shot people with diabetes use to control their blood sugar levels. (We can’t say the name here, but we’re sure you’ve heard of it). While the FDA approved the shot just over five years ago for diabetics, Chinese medicine has used Berberine for over 3,000 years1. The fact is, neither the medication nor the supplement is specifically for weight loss. Still, as a “happy side effect,” – you may lose weight.

Clinical research has shown that Berberine can regulate glucose, lipid metabolism, and reduce insulin resistance2. In addition, it may also manage the level of gut hormones, subsequently treating obesity2; this triggers weight loss – lower glucose (SUGAR) levels, breakdown and storage of fats for energy, and maintaining control over your gut.

Berberine is not a magical pill that will have you shed 30 lbs. in a week, but what it CAN DO is help your body sustain healthy hormone, insulin, and glucose levels – which is a turn toward losing weight. Berberine has other great benefits like decreasing cholesterol (especially when used in conjunction with other supplements)2, supporting liver and pancreas health2, anti-jaundice1, lowering blood pressure1, cardio-protection1, and a host of other unstudied uses based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The moral of the story is that Berberine is not necessarily indicated for weight loss. Still, its long-studied benefits can help lead you toward a healthier number on the scale. We carry several brands of Berberine, and Feel Rite offers our brand in-store or online in 500mg Vegetarian Capsules. Unfortunately, many large online retailers carry counterfeit products through third-party sellers, guised to look like popular vitamin brands… But instead contain things like white rice flour and trace amounts of the pharmaceutical Sildenafil3 (used to treat erectile dysfunction). While we can’t guarantee Berberine will work for you, we can ensure what you are getting IS ACTUALLY quality, certified Berberine.

Berberine is not intended for infants, children, or pregnant women. Adults taking medications should consult with their physicians as there may be interactions. Specifically, those already taking diabetes, blood lipid, blood clotting, or blood pressure medications should avoid Berberine until medically cleared by a professional.

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