We’re thrilled to offer in-store and curbside pickup via our new website! Please review the following FAQ’s before making your first online purchase.

1. Can I still call the store to place an order over the phone?

Absolutely! We are still always available to address any of your questions/concerns or to make a purchase over the phone. Reach us at 716-834-3385. We now have a fee for processing your orders over the phone based on your preferred pickup method: in-store pickup is $4.99 and curbside pickup is $6.99.

2. When can you schedule order pickups?

We offer order in-store pickups or curbside pickups Monday – Saturday, 10am-7pm and Sunday 11-4pm.

3. Is there a minimum order amount for WebCart?

Yes, our minimum order amount is $20.00. You will be prompted with a message that says “Order not Eligible” or “Minimum Order $20” if your order does not meet the minimum amount when checking out.

4. Why do you have an order fee?

Our WebCart pricing reflects the same prices that you would get in-store unlike most online shopping services that can inflate prices upwards of 30% or more on items. That can make a difference in your final total when all is said and done. We instead offer a flat rate fee of $4.99 for an in-store pickup and $6.99 for curbside pickup.

5. What does “allow substitutions” mean?

We strive to do our best to keep our shelves stocked. Supplier issues have rocked the nation in so many areas of business and at times, we feel these struggles as well. When you choose to allow substitutions on an item in your order, and provide a detailed description of your second choice or info such as “call me to verify”, it allows us to have a backup plan ready for you or to discuss other options.

We also understand that sometimes there is no substitution for a particular item, as they are each specific to our individual needs. We will not substitute for any items unless you allow us to do so. You can choose to “allow substitution” for all items in your order or only a few, or none at all! It’s all up to you.

6. Why did the price change on a certain item change?

Price updates can occur on any given day and with that being said, pricing is subject to change in the WebCart environment from the moment you place an order to when the order is processed/authorized. In some cases, prices may go down as we elevate a variety of sales and specials during weekdays, and just as they go down, they can also increase. However, the majority of our pricing remains untouched aside from yearly updates..

7. Can you accept other forms of payment besides credit cards?

No, we only accept credit cards through WebCart at this time. Gift Cards, Wellness Cards, such as Independent Health and Highmark, EBT Cards, Punch Cards, Clipper Coupons, and Manufacturer Coupons are all reserved for in-store purchases on qualifying items only.

8. Why can’t I use my Senior/Veteran/Alice/Linda/Student discounts?

There is no way for us to verify your identity online so these discounts are reserved for in-store purchases on qualifying items only.

9. What do I do when I arrive to pick up my order?

If you select in-store pickup, please arrive at your selected time reservation and visit our customer service counter and let us know you are here to pick up a WebCart order, providing your name, form of ID and/or order number, and we will grab your order and you’ll be on your way! For curbside orders, please call us at 716-834-3385 and let us know you have arrived along with your name and what kind of car you are waiting in. Please have a form of ID and/or order number ready to present and we will meet you at your vehicle with your purchase.

10. What is the “No Show Policy”?

When an order is placed, processed and deemed ready for pickup, we expect your arrival so we can authorize the purchase. If something comes up and you can’t make it or will be late, call us and let us know. If you do not pick up your order within 48 hours of your pickup reservation, and we have not heard from you, or we have been unsuccessful in reaching you with the contact info you provided when ordering, you will be charged a “No Show” fee of $15.00 to your credit card listed.

By clicking the link below, you agree to the terms and conditions listed above.